WATCH: Maltese Band Releases New Music Video All About Periods

#LetItRain ladies

Maltese female alternative rock duo Fuzzhoneys have had a pretty eventful year, with various gigs and festivals around the island and even managing to go on tour in the UK earlier this year. Now, they've released a new music video to not only solidify their signature sound, but also back up their philosophy.

The song, aptly named Period, celebrates what's normally a very taboo subject. All throughout the four minute track, frontwoman Francesca sings phrases like "Let it rain" and "No shame in the stain", which seem like they were perfectly designed to be trending hashtags.

The music video doesn't shy away from imagery which would probably still be considered controversial by some, with the very colourful collage-style bringing out the theme even more. At one point, there's even what look like Vagina Bombers flying overhead. Oh, and the duo ride across the screen riding a tampon jet.

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Fuzzhoneys have been known to talk about female-centered topics before. When talking about their UK tour, Femmetastic, and why they decided to name it so, they had clarified the issue of them being called a feminist band.

"We are not about promoting that a woman is better than a man," said drummer Caroline, "But we want to show people that you can do anything. We are two young women who are proof of that."

"We're not feminists, we're equalists," Francesca concluded.

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In the meantime, check out their Lovin Lounge performance from a couple of months ago and stay tuned for more updates on their website.

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