WATCH: Maltese Filmmaker Captures Incredibly Hypnotizing Footage... Of Ducks

San Anton's pond is overflowing with undiscovered models.

Looking for something to help you relax after your week from hell? Just trust us when we say the answer is probably ducks.

'The Rush', filmed by the incredibly talented local filmmaker Andrew Randon, pairs beautiful shots of San Anton's pond residents, with tranquil piano music. And the result is spectacular.


"The concept I tried to go for is capturing the calm of the pond, and the ambience and then the chaos that erupts when the care taker comes with the bird feed."


Of course, the thing that really ties this all together is the cheeky #DuckVideo thrown in on the end. Of course!

Tell us what you think of Randon's beautiful birds, and tag a friend who can use this to get over their fear of birds!

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Chucky Bartolo

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