WATCH: Maltese Girl's Cover Of Ariana Grande Will Blow Your Socks Off


Drop whatever you're doing and check out this incredible cover of Ariana's Side to Side by Malta's own teenage sensation Jasmine Abela. This young singer has a voice that's ready to take over the island.

Those familiar with the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will recognise Jasmine as the dark horse entry in last year's competition. Ira may have claimed the win. but her song Alive catapulted her securely into the public eye.

Ariana may have tried to copy Mariah Carey c.1990, but now the tables have turned and Jasmine is hot on Ariana's (probably sky-high) heels.

Since then Jasmine has continued to sing across the country on various TV shows and theatre productions. And just in case you're looking for some more of Jasmine's incredible vocal acrobatics, check out her cover of All By Myself.

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Written By

Chucky Bartolo

If there's no Mariah Carey GIF or reference to Eurovision in this article, just assume they've been edited out against my will.