WATCH: Maltese Landscapes Look Even More Spectacular In 4K Resolution

It's impossible to get tired of views like these

Whenever you forget just how stunning the Maltese Islands are, just come back to this short three-minute video.

Uploaded all the way back in 2015, the video is a compilation of 4K imagery from around the island taken by Martin Kochanik of Stargaze Production.

Shot during Kochanik's one month stay in Malta back in 2013, Landscapes of Malta boasts a long list of highlights from around the islands (with Martin being so kind as to attach a full list in his video description). 

Most of the scenes actually come from the sister island of Gozo, with the Ta' Ċenċ Cliffs, Wield Mielaħ, and Rambla Bay among many more shining bright. And yes, seeing as this is a video from a couple of years ago, it does also feature the now-lost Azure Window... along with an impressive quick shot of what look like bioluminescent jellyfish floating underneath the towering stone arch.

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Screen Shot 2018 02 13 At 15 56 17
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"I met many friendly people, always willing to help," Martin said of his experience in Malta. 

"They often invited me for a coffee, beer or food, drove me from place to place, and some of them even offered me a place to stay during the night."

Martin also recounted how, every single day during his stay in Malta, he had to walk around carrying a heavy 35kg rucksack full of photography equipment. To create the short video, he had to build a custom-made slider which had to be suitable to be used not only the plane journey to the island, but also practical for everyday carrying. 

The already-impressive high definition shots are even available in 5 and 6K resolution, just in case you're one of those people who just aren't satisfied enough with 4K. 

The higher resolution really comes in during shots like those taken at the Madonna tal-Aħrax Chapel in Mellieħa and the Xwejni Salt Pants in Gozo, where Martin even managed to capture light coming from all the way in Sicily.

Screen Shot 2018 02 13 At 15 56 51
Screen Shot 2018 02 13 At 16 06 29

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