WATCH: Man Forced To Go For A Chilly Dip In Birgu After Wind Messes Up His Day (And Wallet)

All he wanted to do was go for a nice walk along the waterfront, maybe buy a souvenir

There's a few reasons to go for a swim in the middle of winter. Maybe it's for a charity; maybe it's to prove your endurance.

Or maybe it's because you keep your money in a stack, and when you bring it out the wind blows it all over the place.

That's bad enough - but if you are walking along the Birgu Waterfront and your cash flies into the water, there's really only one appropriate reaction.

But that's exactly what happened to an ex-Emirates cabin crew member in the Grand Harbour Marina. 

However, he wasn't ready to lose his money that easily, and stripped down on the spot before jumping into the cold water and collecting his cash.

Someone please, get this man a wallet for his next birthday.  

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