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WATCH: Man Venting About His New Puppy Guard Dog Is The Most Maltese Reaction To Anything Ever

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Crime is on the rise on Malta’s streets and it seems like nothing can stop it, not even man’s best friend…


A video posted by user ‘jakemuscat1’ on Tik Tok (formerly known as Musical.ly) shows a man recording himself in his car and explaining how his plan to buy a guard dog didn’t go quite as planned. And quickly enough, what starts off as a normal enough video devolves into the most Maltese thing you’ll ever watch.

“I bought a guard dog to guard the car when I’m not here because the car keeps getting broken into and the alarm doesn’t work as a deterrent actually, so I bought a dog…”

The man soon realises that spending 300 pounds on a cute, innocent puppy to guard your car wasn’t perhaps the best investment ever… especially when it sleeps all the time.

He then goes on to take his frustrations out on camera and in the heated moment mixes up his English with some lovely Maltese dialect and choice words… just watch the video yourself and you’ll understand what I mean.

While we can’t help but feel for the poor puppy who probably just wants to nap and play (as puppies do), this video does seem like a bit of a skit and we’re sure the owner really isn’t all that upset about having an adorable puppy in his life.

But we love how accurate of a portrayal this video is of Maltese people reacting to anything things that go wrong.

Seriously though, a puppy guarding your car? How is that meant to work?

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