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WATCH: Math Is Back! Malta’s Cult DJ Duo Returns A Decade Later With A Video Shot Entirely On A Phone

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As if having one of the 00s’ most beloved DJ duos returning wasn’t already exciting enough, Malta has just been also treated with one sick music video… and all it took was a group of very talented individuals, a phone and a bunch of Instagram filters.

Mathematikal, an iconic cult name in Malta’s rave scene of yesterdecade, is finally back with a banger just in time for the weekend!

The track, Star Like Mine, sounds exactly like what Mathematikal teased earlier this month when they told fans they’d be “picking up where we left off”.

Just as impressive as the fact that the Math boys are back, though, is the music video accompanying their track

Shot entirely on a phone and using a bunch of Instagram filters, the video includes filters and effects produced by a number of Insta creatives – some 40 in total, in fact – adding trippy visuals to the new Mathematikal classic.

And of course, the the Math boys themselves feature in the effects, transforming from one frame to the next.

The result?

As epic as you’d think.

Star Like Mine marks more than just a one-off return for Mathematikal, with the release of a full-length album just days away!

That’s right; their new album MMKL is about to casually drop on a bunch of platforms by the end of the month.

So if you’ve found yourself yearning for more, never fear; more is coming by next Friday!

Rave on, ladies and gents.

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