WATCH: Michela Pace Performs 'Chameleon' Live For The First Time With Some On-Point Vocals

Dat drop doeeeee

Not that we had forgotten what she sounded like, but Michela Pace just reminded us all why she won the first season of X Factor Malta by killing it on stage during her first live performance since the show.

And now, we're just a few weeks away from the semi-finals for 2019's Eurovision Song Contest with Malta's Michela Pace currently standing a 77% chance of making it through to the finals according to Eurovision odds. Not bad at all.

Performing at Cafe del Mar over the weekend, Michela's vocals ripped through the airwaves as a crowd of fans danced along to Chameleon

We were all pretty curious as to what a live performance of Malta's Eurovision entry would look and sound like. A strong selling point of the song when it was first released was definitely the music video, and the song itself has a lot of 'downtime' with the anti-chorus.

But Michela's magnetic smile, her crazy strong vocals and the groove of the song seemed to be enough to keep the performance alive.

For her Eurovision performance, Michela will be working with a ridiculously talented team

Including renowned choreographer Ambra Succi, who is most known for the iconic choreography of 2012 ESC winner Euphoria by Loreen.

Yes, that choreography.

Michela is also working with the dynamic team behind the graphics for Jamala’s mesmerising performance of 1944 in 2016, Front Row Pictures.

Both Jamala and Loreen ended up winning the year they competed, so...

Malta hasn't had the best track record at the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years

Failing to qualify for the finals five times in the last decade, Malta has only reached the top 10 finalists once, when Gianluca Bezzina hit us with a heartbreaking smile and hit track Tomorrow.

So maybe Michela is just who we need to get our groove back on.

Michela will perform in the 11th slot during the second semi-final on Thursday 16th May, broadcasting on Maltese television at 9pm.

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