WATCH: Michela Pace's 'Chameleon Dance' Routine Is The Latest Eurovision Craze Of The Year

Become a chameleon and dance like nobody's watching!

Michela Pace first stunned the nation with her powerful vocals on X Factor Malta, then she took our breath away with the release of the smash hit Chameleon and is now giving us all something to do with our lives ahead of tonight's semi finals after her Eurovision Dance routine became the latest trend.

It's been way too long since Kurt Calleja's fancy footwork had the whole country struggling to learn the frankly basic move, but now, thanks to Malta's newest superstar, we're all going to be struggling over a few more steps.

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The #ChameleonDance has been picked up by Eurovision fans and has led to her dancers performing the number all over Tel Aviv ad we're living for it!

The dance was also the first thing mentioned as soon as Michela stepped onto the Orange Carpet, with this year's hosts trying to replicate the routine themselves (to varying levels of success).

For those interested, gather three of your friends and get to stepping! And for those unsocial people, don't worry; you can still try this dance alone in your room, while crying, wondering why it couldn't have been you on the stage dancing with one of Malta's biggest stars... or at least that's how I like dancing.

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Simon Zammit