WATCH: Mosta Supermarket Late-Night Shoppers Come Face To Face With One Very Confused Dinosaur

The T-Rex's tiny hands just couldn't reach into the meat fridge

Halloween might be a time for zombies, witches and vampires, but shoppers at Mosta's PAMA supermarket last night ended up coming face to face with a T-Rex instead. And a hilariously confused one at that.

In a video sent to Lovin Malta by Hannah Stivala, the inflatable T-Rex costume (that's now become a meme in its own right) can be seen floundering around the streets of Mosta before sprinting into PAMA. Surprising late-night shoppers hours before the clocked struck midnight on Halloween, the T-Rex can be seen strolling around the aisles in multiple short clips.

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"My friend Elena went round trying to buy groceries in the costume," Hannah told Lovin Malta. "Some people got scared, but most children found it entertaining. A lot of people also took videos... including PAMA employees themselves!"

At one point, the prehistoric predator finally finds what she's been looking for - the meat section - but seems to forget that her tiny hands can't reach. As onlookers film away and continue to laugh at the unfortunate (and presumably hungry) dino, we get one last look into the eyes of a T-Rex who knows she's about to become a viral sensation.

By the end, together with her two friends Hannah and Molly, Dino Elena did manage to leave with something, and one final clip sees the T-Rex calmly stand at the supermarket check-out as a PAMA employee tries to keep a straight face while scanning the items.


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