WATCH: Owen Leuellen, Peppi Azzopardi And Others Turned Into Drag Queens

Chucky's pulling out all the stops for his new one-woman show

Whether you've been looking for something to make Xarabank a little bit more fabulous or you watched the entire season of X Factor Malta wondering what Owen Leuellen would look like with a little (lot) more eyeshadow, this video is about to change your life.

And while we may not be getting a drag queen president just yet, Chucky's latest video gives a pretty solid artist's impression of what to expect.


Swinging by to talk about his new stand-up comedy show 'Just Visiting' which opens this weekend, Chucky didn't hold back as he painted some of Malta's most popular boys.

From subtle messages about Mark, Peppi's ingenue, to not-so-subtle digs at local sweetheart Ira Losco, Chucky warns that this is only the beginning for those who are coming to his show.

Just Visiting 19 By 9 Cover

Inspired by several top drag queens in the looks he created, Peppi gets an 'oldschool' makeover, soon-to-be president Geoge Vella (or Kevin, as Chucky insists he's called) gets the Divine-as-Ursula beat, and Owen... well, he gets to be the island's prettiest queen - Tolqueen herself (ears and freckles included).

Just Visiting is Chucky's second stand-up comedy show, and will run for four nights at Mount Carmel Theatre. You can get tickets for the shows on March 16th,17th and 23rd, 24th from here.

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