WATCH: Pete Buttigieg Turns Up The Heat And 'Slow Jams The News' With Jimmy Fallon… Making It Infinitely More Interesting

Maybe Muscat and Delia could take note?

The 'Mayor Pete' popularity train continues surging forward, and the Maltese-American has finally stepped into the shoes of highly-admired former President Barack Obama… just not the way he would have thought.

In what seems to be an endless tour of the USA's biggest talk shows, Buttigieg took over Obama's reins and joined Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, for his latest edition of "Slow Jam the News".

The ever-musical Fallon has had Obama deliver the most memorable versions of the sketch in 2012 and 2016, and former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney had also appeared before.

Buttigieg delivering his main policy points over a sultry groove may just prove the point that politicians talking points don't always have to be boring.

"Pete Buttigieg wants to satisfy your needs. Ever since he declared his candidacy, America's been all hot and bothered for him. And now, Mayor Pete's going all in"

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"He's ready and prepared for a primary battle, his name is worth 800 points in Scrabble"

Playing on Buttigieg's pledge to attract both Democrats and Republicans to his campaign, Fallon asked whether "[he] goes both ways". "No, I'm just gay," Buttigieg answers.

The Iowa-born man with a Maltese father has surged in the polls in recent weeks, placing third just behind ever-popular former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Trump has even started to take notice, with the President mocking the now infamous phrase "boot-edge-edge" and his likeliness to a cartoon character.

"I'm just surprised he made a literary reference," Buttigieg joked in his interview with Fallon.

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Julian Bonnici