Check Out The Planning Authority's Massive Paceville Overhaul

The 'Paceville Masterplan' will involve a lot of 'looking at the bigger picture'

In a video launched today, the Planning Authority has revealed their (rather drastic) plans to totally renovate the now-infamous St. Julian's area.

"Wouldn't it be great if Paceville could change?" - these are the opening lines to the video, as its opening scenes lament the, rather crappy, current situation on the streets today.

"No more one-off developments, but an integrated plan for the whole area"

New Promenade

The plans, which would include holistically re-integrating old buildings into the space, opening up more public pedestrian areas and clearing the way for sea views we've never seen before, hope to make Paceville a space that the Maltese people can "feel proud of again".

Open Spaces

In a 'simple' six point plan, the Planning Authority is looking to complete the renovation by introducing a new tunnel for vehicles, cycle paths, views of the sea, public open spaces, coastal walkways and new power/water/utilities infrastructure (including technology to reuse rainwater).


If they pull this whole thing off, then Paceville could easily become the "blueprint for the future of all of Malta".

But what do you think?

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