WATCH: Polish Artist Releases Fabulous New Music Video Shot Entirely In Malta

He described his stay in Malta as a 'deeply therapeutical trip'

Polish singer-songwriter Adam Byckowski, who goes by the moniker Better Personhad come to Malta for an intimate performance back in November 2016. A year and a half later, Adam has shared a music video which was entirely shot on the island during his stay here, and it's as fabulous as the music which accompanies it.

"The idea to shoot a music video was born while the arrangements for him to come play in Malta were being made," Shawn James, who had organised the performance, told Lovin Malta. "He had told me that his roommate would be joining him on the trip, but I didn't know what they had in mind exactly." It turned out that roommate was Moritz Freudenberg, a friend and collaborator of the artist who was assigned to turn the vacation into a music video. 

"Moritz decided to stick around in Malta for a few more days after Adam left," Shawn James told Lovin Malta. "And on one night, I remember him telling me that he had filmed Better Person near the St. Julian's coast in the early hours of the morning, after spending a whole night out."

In a Facebook post announcing the music video, Adam made direct reference to that night, and other similar ones. "My dearest friend and collaborator followed me around with his unforgiving camera and watched me get drunk, sad and eventually calm and relaxed," the artist said.

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The music video, set to the artist's new wave track Zakochany Czlowiek, sees Adam walk around some of Gżira and Sliema's most photogenic streets in a beautifully tailored suit.

"The suit he wore to his show the night before had actually been washed away by the sea when he went for a late-night swim," Shawn James told Lovin Malta. "He ended up buying a €15 suit from a Sliema charity shop and got it tailored at a Russian seamstress in the area for another €20 or so." 

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Adam said his trip to Malta was "a deeply therapeutical" one, and that his friendship with his collaborator "blossomed". Even though it's been a while since the rainy winter vacation on the island, the Polish artist said it felt good to revisit in the newly-released music video.

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