WATCH: Santa Claus In Marsaxlokk! Christmas In Malta Has Officially Kicked Off With The First Adorable Ad

It's time for us to find out how Santa really makes it to the island

Forget your overlit houses, having a good excuse to watch Elf like a hundred times, or even mulled wine. What’s the best thing about Christmas, you ask? Christmas ads. Hands down.

And now that December has finally arrived, so have the ads. One of the first to make it onto Maltese social media is by none other than Costa, who chose their Marsaxlokk outlet as the star of the show.

It's Christmas Eve, and just outside the fishing village's Costa branch, we finally learn how Santa arrives in Malta. Spoiler alert: it’s not by sleigh.

Costa Ad 1

Coming out of his luzzu and wearing water-resistant gear, Santa is thirsty for a coffee and Costa is his treat of choice.

Costa’s opened until 7pm this Christmas Eve, and this barista is in a hurry; he’s got to buy a present at the shops close soon. But Santa’s on his way, so our barista is going to have to wait. He serves Santa his drink, and Santa settles upstairs and starts to map out his route for the evening.

And we’ve got to admit; we’re worried that Santa’s not going to know of all the road diversions by following his ancient-looking map.

There’s a lot of rustling going on upstairs. Santa’s gone, and he’s also left a box for the Barista. With that warm Costa coffee in his belly, Santa’s off on his sleigh and about to make his Christmas rounds.

Costa Ad 2
Costa Ad 3
Costa Ad 4
Costa Ad 5
Costa Ad 6

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