WATCH: Scenic Walk Along The Edge Of Malta's Coastline Is All Types Of Scary-Beautiful

Giving 'living on the edge' a whole new meaning

Malta might be a tiny island in the Mediterranean, but it's got some very impressive scenic views to offer. And as far as scenic walks go, we might have a winner. 

Walking along the cliffs from Mtaħleb to Ras ir-Raħeb, nature photographer Gilbert Vancell documented the whole thing in a hyper-lapse video which is equal parts impressive and terrifying.

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The video has already gathered over 2,000 videos on Facebook, with people commenting about how scary the whole thing looked.

Of course, being a hyper-lapse video, the walk looks like Gilbert was going way faster than he actually was. "I was not going that fast," the photographer explained. "The trial up to Blata l-Melħ is quite safe."

Having said that, he did mention that at some points, he was only one metre away from the edge. There's also some scrambling and jumping over gorges to be done, so it's definitely not for the faint-hearted. "Don't take risks if you feel uncomfortable," Gilbert suggested.

Gilbert Vancell is not new to nature photography. 

His work ranges from sprawling landscapes, to coastal shots, to some of the most impressive night skies ever captured in Malta. 

One thing is for sure though; Gilbert loves to photograph the weird and wonderful rock formations around the island.

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