WATCH: Short Film Imagines What Maltese Millennials Will Look Like In The Future

Talk about advertising with a difference

There are tons of parties organised every year in Malta, and they all come with their social media advertising campaigns. It's tough standing out, and most of the successful ones manage by being controversial and borderline sexist. This summer, popular Maltese promoters Sound Salon decided to go for a short film with a difference, and they've definitely managed to grab the attention of thousands.

In the four and a half minute film shot by Videocafe and directed by Steven Levi Vella, a sharply dressed and fabulous old man (under-eye glitters and all) looks back at some of the best memories of his youth in Malta in what looks like a dystopian future. And yes, you guessed right; that familiar face is Joe Id-Dulli Farrugia, a classic Maltese comedian who pulls the hell off of the relatively way more serious role he reprises here... looking absolutely badass in the meantime.

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"The whole thing started because we were fed up of the usual advertising of events," Stefan Balzan, one of the people behind Sound Salon, told Lovin Malta. "We wanted to described the experience of our parties by focusing on the memories made instead of the product."

Balzan went on to explain how they were inspired to shoot the short film by the nostalgic stories they had heard from their fathers and grandfathers. "We are all acquainted with old people telling us stories of when they were young, but unfortunately most of the stories from 50 years ago revolved around the war and troublesome political eras. We hope that, 50 years from now, our stories will be those of the good times, the great memories, and the friends that made it all happen."

In between shots of previous Sound Salon parties and moments of intense reminiscence (like the point where a jar of sand is treated with utmost reverence, as it should), the narrator looks back at the moments that made his youth so unforgettable, and seeing as he's talking about Malta, it's obviously full of partying, fireworks, and what looks like damn good fun.

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"Finally, in a day and age where everyone is filming themselves and taking photos rather then experiencing the night, this film is a reminder to live in the now and make the most of it," Balzan concluded. This is something Sound Salon have stressed on before, and is definitely something they'll continue to mention as their Friday events continue onto their second week.

The short film's ending is definitely the highlight, with Dulli's squad showing up, and we're not sure whether the young or old version of squad steals the spotlight, because they both look exceptionally on point.

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Tag a friend who'd look exactly like this in 50 years!

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