WATCH: Someone Found A Vine For Every Eurovision 2019 Entry And We're Not Even Mad At Malta's

Further proving that Vine lives on in all our hearts

For millions of people out there, the rest of this week only means one thing. As Eurovision fever officially kicked off with an 'orange carpet' event in Tel Aviv on Sunday evening, fans from all over the world are now ready to tune in to a week-long takeover of drama, singing, pyrotechnics and all-round camp. And if there's one thing that also means, it's memes.

In proper dank fashion, one YouTuber user just went and casually found a Vine for this year's entries, and they're painfully accurate. If you're a little confused, don't worry; it's about to get a tad clearer (and more hilarious).

Vine was a social video app that blew up earlier this decade for its devilishly simple context; creating and sharing six-second videos

While you'd be inclined to think that's far too short of a time to create good, memorable content, thousands of users proved the direct opposite for a number of years, until the app was eventually discontinued in January 2017.

For a whole lot of online communities, however, the app lives on in the hall of fame of memes... leading to video compilations like the one we're taking a look at today.

They may look absolutely random, but every vine in the video is a brutal but accurate representation of this year's entries... be they about the song, the performance, the artists themselves, or all of the above

From Belgium's super young Eliot portrayed as a child trying to look cool in wayfarers to Australia's pole-balancing Kate as a popular vine of a "flying" attempt in a basketball court that goes horribly wrong, the four-minute video definitely doesn't hold back.

Eurovision 2019 Vines Australia

Bil-mod qalbi ara taqa!

Eurovision 2019 Vines Austria

Edgy Tumblr chick? Check.

Eurovision 2019 Vines Belgium

This one is so accurate, it actually hurts

Eurovision 2019 Vines Hungary

He's back for another Eurovision... but Joci Pápai wasn't immune from some satire

Eurovision 2019 Vines Moldova

She's sad, but she's also fabulous

It was inevitable for Malta to make an appearance... and the satire was as brutal as you'd expect

Malta's turn in the Vine compilation comes in at the 2:34 mark.

A blonde, super quiet infant, painfully tries to smile as a lizard balances itself over his head.

Whether the person compiling this literally just went for the first vine that had a young person and a lizard or is actually trying to poke fun at a couple of other things like many people's claim that Michela is a bit too quiet to represent her country, we're not sure how many different levels below the belt this is, but we can't really be too mad at it.

After all, it really is spot on, and people seem to mostly agree with the comparison, with one person commenting, "Australia and Malta's is too accurate and I am crying".

Screenshot 2019 05 13 At 10 48 51

Y'all just wait until that kid's mouth opens and some insane vocals belt out

Michela Pace will hit the stage this Thursday, hoping to make it to Saturday's Grand Final... and her odds are looking very good

The 18-year-old starlet will be the 11th to perform on the second semi-final night, and it's been a great run-up for the Chameleon singer.

Sitting on a staggering eight million views amassed in just under two months, Malta's 2019 Eurovision song entry is now the most viewed of all 41 entries on YouTube, and Chameleon continues to climb the odds table, now placing a highly respectable seventh place, just after Italy's Soldi.

And while last weekend's technical issues have led to a slight change in plans for the island's delegation, Malta's young representative is not letting anything get in her way... not even an actual chameleon balancing on top of her head.

Good luck Michela!

Screenshot 2019 05 13 At 10 52 45

Will this be Malta's year? We might not be in bookmakers' top three, but the islands have hadn't this much of a running chance in years

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