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WATCH: The Clintess Stopped By Lovin HQ With A Few Of Her Extravagancies

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It’s been a long time my lovelies, but we’re (finally) back with Off The Rails! Things have been, well, happening, and we needed some space to gather our thoughts. Thankfully, we had The Clintess on hand to help.

Is her wardrobe as rebellious as she is? We’re here to find out!

The Clintess launched her new album earlier this year and a few of the looks she brought in to show us are an ode to just that.

Thank God Iggy Fenech was on hand (not literally) to bring The Clintess alive on the cover of Sunday Circle – we might not have seen the first two glamorous pieces if he hadn’t.


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As you can see, there’s a whole lot of glam going on here.

The Clintess’ vintage pants, her ruffled white button-up and even the dress she wore to the Lovin Music Awards made an appearance.


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Inspired by Ariana Grande (God bless these women), the dress was a risk The Clintess wanted to take on the LMA Pink Carpet. And boy did that baby pay off!

We get all the goss on behind the scenes of the Orpheum Cabaret that took place in September to coincide with Malta Pride. 

And if you don’t remember what we’re talking about, it was a beautiful fuschia-toned salsa dress that ripped open to reveal The Clintess in a wonderful nude piece.


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Better than two, better than you, better than nude: it’s glam. Look it up, huns.

Also, did you know The Clintess started planning her Pride outfit back in February?


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Yeah, those puffy green sleeves were designed back in February and, as it just so happens, The Clintess forgot Pride was in September – one damn hot month in Malta.

There’s all that, with added meme, on this week’s (return to) Off The Rails. We missed you, huns, but we’re here to stay from now on. You can thank Jowsef and his pals for our silence.

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