WATCH: The Sounds Of Valletta's Streets Mashed Into A Quirky Tune By Berlin-Based Artists

Featuring a church, a friendly cat and a fizzy lemonade

The bustling streets of Valletta are one big mix of sights and sounds, and with summer just round the corner, it's all set to get even louder. Ahead of their performance in Malta, quirky Berlin-based Australian electronic music duo Ducks! have managed to make music from the madness by recording a song using only the sounds of Valletta's streets.

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The short tune features recorded sounds of echoes in one of Valletta's large churches, a grate, a fence in the Upper Barrakka Gardens, a random adorable stray cat, and a good old bottle of fizzy Bitter Lemon.

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The duo are here on a four-week residency at the capital's independent project space Blitz, a 400-year-old townhouse which has often hosted experimental and radical arts practices from all around the world.

Formed three years ago and already nominated for prestigious prizes like the Australian Music Prize, Ducks! will be putting up a performance at the Royal British Legion in Valletta later this week, where they said they'd be "sharing old favourites and new creations" with the attendees. 

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