WATCH: Local Sensations The Travellers' Awesome New Music Video

If you're looking for incredible Maltese talent, look no further!

After teasing us with a short snippet last week, The Travellers' latest single, Xemx u Xita, is finally out; and it's as amazing as you'd hoped it would be.

The third single off their album of the same name, Xemx u Xita shows off The Traveller's unique style with a fun, lighthearted tune that's destined to become a summer favourite for many. Directed by Muscat Drago, who worked on the video for their previous single "Dak li Int", the video features artist Kelsey May Conner who sketches throughout the video, bringing it to life.


Earlier last week Lovin Malta caught up with the band during a rehearsal ahead their gig-filled weekend. Speaking to the all-Gozitan gang we got a fun, behind the scenes look at The Travellers. And we can safely say that despite the professional presentation on stage, there is an extremely playful atmosphere behind the scenes, with endless banter between the band members.

The band, known for their sentimental (and poignant) Maltese lyrics rocketed onto the local scene with the release of their first single "Sempliċità" just under six months ago, and have gone from strength to strength since.

Comprised of Chris Gatt as the vocalist, Joseph Xerri on the trumpet, Sylvano Mizzi on the sax, Andrew Vella doing backing vocals and guitars, Clayton Bonello rocking the bass and Michael Camilleri holding steady on the drums, the band realeased their second single, "Dak li Int", two months later. 

Despite not having the commercial success seen with "Sempliċità", "Dak li Int" shows off a more vulnerable side to the band, adding credibility to their work as lyricists.

We're hoping everyone out there loves "Xemx u Xita" as much as we do! If you like what you've heard so far then you should definitely purchase their album Xemx U Xita on iTunes, and let us know what you think.

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