WATCH: This 60-Year-Old DJ From Malta Has The Slickest Beats And Moves

He puts the sex in sexagenarian

A 60-year-old man from Malta impressed the kids at Surfside in Sliema last Wednesday with a world-class DJ set that set the crowd on fire. 

Philippe Martinet, who is originally French but has lived in Malta for most of his life, stole the show with some cool retro tunes, slick dance moves and his silver hairdo. 

Philippe turned 60 last May. He started DJing almost 25 years ago but made a comeback last year for his daughter's wedding, a performance which landed him this gig at A Little Crush, Surfside's Wednesday night promotion. 

And judging by the response, we'll be hearing a lot more of him. 

Tag a sexagenarian who could give Philippe a run for his money!

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