WATCH: This Gozitan Take On 'The Terminator' Is Equal Parts Hilarious And Genius

But I'm not quit sure "I'll be back" for more

The geniuses behind 2015's iconic viral video 'The Gozo Giant' are back with a brand new short film 'The Gozo Terminator'. And let me tell you, it's epic.

Terminator 3

The video, which is just over a minute long, recreates a scene from the legendary 1984 movie 'The Terminator', including the iconic Schwarzenegger line. You know the one...

Bryan Testa shot to fame in 2015 for his impeccable CGI skills but questionable artistic direction.

His YouTube channel, Testafilms, has numerous short clips and videos that make use of some epic VFX and CGI overlays. My personal favourite features Jean-Claude Can Damme kicking people to the ground.

'The Gozo Terminator' features two actors; Testa himself and Leon Muscat, who engage in an epic battle using Nerf guns that shoot explosive missiles.

Terminator 1

Although the acting may be questionable, the seamless editing and perfect timing with the audio from the actual film results in a semi-decent product. That I may or may not have re-watched five times.

What do you think of the video?

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