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WATCH: This Guy Trying To Tightrope Over The Sea In Sliema On A Windy Day Is All Of Us Right Now

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It’s really tough to put the last three months in words. We’ve had setbacks, cancellations and social distancing, but have still managed to get through it all with a smile on our face. Something like that is hard to put in words, but you could easily come up with a metaphor for it all. Say, like, I don’t know… a guy trying to balance on a tightrope over the sea on a particularly windy day.

Heatwaves and dead calmness might’ve dominated last week in Malta, but this week’s seen cloudy and windy days batter the islands. It still didn’t stop this one guy from taking to Sliema to try and pull off a delicate balancing act, though.

Yesterday afternoon, photos and videos sent in to Lovin Malta showed the man tackle a tightrope at Għar id-Dud, attempting to pull off the improbable as winds of Forces 4 and 5 continued to hit our coasts for a not-so-summery week.

Onlookers were understandably confused and amused, with one passer-by saying it was one of the most random things he’d seen all week.

The results were mixed to say the least, with the man falling off or winding around the rope a couple of times.

All things considered, though, the mystery man managed to pull of a commendable balancing act, pulling off a better performance than I would’ve ever managed with not even a breeze in sight.

So kudos dude… and thanks for putting all my thoughts and experience over the last three months in one symbolic act of defiance and resilience.

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