WATCH: Six Ways This Guy Totally Nails The 'Mov Bak Plijz' Bus Driver We All Loved To Hate

"The tjurists they love me"

If you grew up in the 90s and 00s you probably have horrific memories of the stereotypical yellow bus driver. Mov Bak Plijz is a short film that will trigger your PTSD from every bus ride of your youth. The central character - a bus conductor - absolutely nails the part. And here are the six main traits that were spot on. 

1. The attire: a wife-beater barely covered by an open shirt

And the essential accessory: a cigarette resting on the ear.

2. The creative swearing

Exhibit A: #GħoxxNanntek 

3. The fake-friendly tourist advice 

"The 'tjurists' they love me."

4. The casual discrimination

5. And pervy comments

6. The 'pastizzi' scam

First: Wait let me get you a Maltese pastizz.

Two minutes later: You have to pay for this. Two Maltese liras. 

BONUS. The prophetic political insight

He was wrong about Alfred Sant becoming Prime Minister but totally right about the British people changing their minds about the EU: "All I know is maybe now you're happy, but in the time it will change."

Mov Bak Plijz was written and directed by Keith Albert Tedesco and is a Film Grain Foundation production with Pineapple Media, in conjunction with Arts Council Malta and the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU. It was produced for the anthology EWROPEJ that premiered at 2017 Valletta Film Festival.

Written By

Chris Peregin