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WATCH: ‘This Is What We’re All About!’ – Extended Maltese Family Hit Hard By 2020 Records Heartfelt Christmas Video

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It feels like everyone is only a couple of degrees of separation away from each other on this tiny island, but for one Maltese extended family, “close” is an understatement.

“We’re what one could easily describe as a sometimes too close-knit family,” popular TVM anchor Ruth Amaira told Lovin Malta, smiling. You see, her family is one of those typically Maltese ones full of chummy cousins, beloved aunts and uncles and seemingly random connections… one of which includes influencer juggernaut Sarah Zerafa.

This year, as was the case for most, the family went through a number of devastating blows and hardships.

“We lost a dear uncle and a cousin,” Ruth said. “His passing away at 53 years was a huge blow for us. COVID also didn’t help us, and both my elderly mother and father were hospitalised. This Christmas won’t be the same. No family gatherings, and my uncles and aunts will stay at home.”

“But what we lost in meeting physically we more than made up for it on messenger, WhatsApp and in every other way.”

“Some tell us that we’re in each other’s hair,” Ruth admitted. “I say that that’s what my family is all about!”

So to close off 2020, all the family members recorded Christmas messages of their own from their houses, stitched together into one heartfelt video courtesy of the Grech side of the family.

From recognisable faces like Ruth Amaira and Sarah Zerafa to camera-shy members and enthusiastic uncles, the video ends up being an entire microcosm of Maltese families, offering up a little bit of everything.

House interiors that look like they could be your own, over-enthusiastic dogs donned in festive outfits, smiling faces that look instantly Maltese… it’s hard not to feel like one of the extended members of the Grech family by the end of the video. But there was even more in store.

“We didn’t just record ourselves from our houses,” Ruth added. “A cousin of mine also went round to visit all the aunts and uncles to get their message too!”

And with every doorbell ring and smiling face welcoming the door, the whole thing quickly turns into a proper feels train. All aboard!

Tag a family member you’d love to be spending this Christmas with!

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