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WATCH: This K-Drama About A Korean Mafia Consigliere Name Drops Malta Multiple Times

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Malta is quite a well-known place around the world, to a surprising extent at times. Yet, what is more surprising than Malta becoming a recurring location mentioned in a popular, new K-Drama?

Vincenzo is a new K-Drama that follows the life of a Korean Italian, Vincenzo Cassano who went to Italy when he was eight years old after being adopted. Vincenzo grew up to be a mafia lawyer and advisor.

Following a war between rival mafia groups, Vincenzo flees to South Korea and falls in love with a South Korean attorney, Hong Cha-Young. Yet, even if the series takes place primarily in South Korea, Malta is repeatedly mentioned.

For Vincenzo, Malta appears to be a sort of dreamland – a place where he will be able to retire and start a new life, specifically Xlendi Bay.

By the end of the series, mentions of Malta come full circle as Vincenzo reveals that he has bought his very own private island next to Malta that he has called Pagliuzza (Straw).

Though some on social media have speculated that the island, which is depicted in a postcard, could be St Paul’s island, it is revealed to be in actually based on Isola Bella, a little island off the coast of Taormina in Sicily – despite it being described as being close to Malta.

While this appears to be the first time that Malta has been mentioned in a K-Drama, Malta is becoming more well known to Koreans, who see Malta as a perfect opportunity to study English as well as enjoy a holiday or even a honeymoon.

Vincenzo is coming to Netflix this Sunday, so if you are interested in what is definitely a wild and phenomenal K-Drama, make sure to watch!

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