WATCH: This Simple Maltese Music Video Is A Strong Contender For Best Of The Year

Small concept, big love, perfect execution

Sometimes, less is more. And if there's one Maltese band that really manages to capture that, it's Bark Bark Disco.

Founded by Beangrowers drummer and scene veteran Ian Schranz, Bark Bark Disco are known for their lo-fi sound, DIY visuals, and insanely catchy tunes. The trio's latest offering, Big Love, sees the band doing more of the same, but this time upping the ante with a beautifully simple video that's as perfectly shot as it is hauntingly effective. 

The accompanying video really makes the most of the song's (and indeed the band's) central theme; love. Much like previous tracks, Bark Bark Disco's latest does not discriminate between different forms of love, with the gorgeous, nearly hypnotic video showing everything from hetero and motherly love to platonic and complicated.

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Screen Shot 2018 05 11 At 09 47 47
Screen Shot 2018 05 11 At 09 48 33
Screen Shot 2018 05 11 At 09 47 56
Screen Shot 2018 05 11 At 09 48 15
Screen Shot 2018 05 11 At 09 48 44

The music video, which was directed by Francesca Mercieca and Jack Hayter but also took a large team to bring to life (it's got an actual credits sequence y'all), features some familiar faces from the local alternative music scene.

Much like previous Bark Bark Disco videos, frontman Ian Schranz himself can also be spotted at one point. You can't miss him; the guy's literally wearing a suit in a bath... along with that iconic red hoodie of his, of course.

Screen Shot 2018 05 11 At 09 49 01
Screen Shot 2018 05 11 At 10 06 21

Big Love has only been out for a couple of days, but the Facebook video has already been watched over 8,000 times. And with nearly 200 reactions and over 70 shares in the first dozen hours or so, it's safe to say the video has been very well received. 

As if the trio of Schranz, Rebecca and Daniel needed any more avid followers on the rock, Bark Bark Disco are fresh off a US tour and a great performance at this year's Rock The South festival, so expect to hear more of them in the coming months. 

And if their videos look anything like Big Love's, expect them to feature in a lot of people's lists of Best Maltese Music Videos of 2018. They surely already are in ours.

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