WATCH: This Video Will Make You Wish That Summer In Malta Would Hurry Up And Come Back

Can we just cancel the cold already?

Just in case you weren't missing summer in Malta, a video capturing the sheer sublimeness of Balluta Bay and Spinola Bay in the sun is here to hit you right in the #cold feels.

Christian Rossouw, a photographer and videographer could not ignore the sheer chillness of the scene in front of him. A Maltese man casually going out on a small rowboat, dogs swimming in the blue sea and the beautiful sun is a picture perfect shot of why Malta remains such a popular country for tourists.

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It seems he is also a big fan of Crust Bakery in Spinola Bay

Check out his short interview with Chef Sean Gravina below, as well as a wordless montage of breakfast at the Spinola bakery.

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