WATCH: This Year's Yellow Ads Are Totes Relatable And Ira Losco Looks Cute AF

TBH, this needs to be made into a TV show

Ira Yellow Cover

From severe food cravings to creepy taxi drivers, Ira Losco has never been more relatable.

Keeping in line with their series of comic shorts, Yellow ended 2018 (and kicked 2019 off) by rolling out four more ads featuring DJ-radio host Frank Zammit in a yellow morphsuit as the lovable phone Yellow, and Malta's biggest pop star Ira Losco in a variety of drool-worthy co-ords as... well, herself.

Ira and Yellow

From November 2018 to just last week, each one of the four new ads is pretty hilarious. They're so good that we don't skip them when they come up on YouTube. Ok, we don't always skip them when they come up.

1. Mr. Yellow throws a wild pasta night

And Ira isn't pleased. So they hire some sexy, muscular cleaners to deal with the mess. Ira look pretty pleased by the end, and we don't blame her.

2. Ira learns a lesson about reading reviews

Mr. Yellow gives her a priedka about making bookings without doing all the checks, and Ira ends up with a kink in her neck and a creepy taxi driver. But her and Yellow treat themselves to a fancy massage after, so all's well that ends well.

3. Ira's friend needs a new bikini

And Mr. Yellow is more than happy to help. Despite an awkward encounter on the way.

This video also includes a cute cameo from Stella Cini and her own Mr. Yellow.

4. Mr. Yellow turns one!

It's been a year since Ira first activated Mr. Yellow, so she throws him a surprise party. But not before she sends him on a few errands because of her hot dog cravings.

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