WATCH: This Young Maltese Hip Hop Collective Is Definitely Going Places

The hype is real

215 Collective are a young Maltese hip hop collective Straight Outta Pieta who should already be on your radar if you're into exciting new local acts. We started the year by featuring them in our list of 40 artists to look out for in 2017, and we sure as heck are not regretting that decision. 

215 Collective just released their new single Feel About It, and it's as sick as it gets. The track, which goes hard for five whole minutes and sounds straight out of a banger on Billboard's Hot 100, comes with a music video that makes Malta look like the absolute coolest neighbourhood ever.

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"We've been around for just over a year now, but we've put out 19 tracks in total over the past 12 months," collective member Eddie Fresco said. "Our first breakout track Chill Bill featured all the three artists on the same track, so as a thank you, we did that again with this."

Eddie continued to explain how they're trying very hard to put Malta on the map, especially when it comes to the hip hop genre. "We frequently talk about this topic in our tracks," he said, "and having people believing in that idea is what keeps us going."

215 Collective have not released a mixtape or album yet, but are planning to do so this summer. "We'll also be sending our tracks to large international platforms like WorldStarHipHop, and we're doing it all for Malta's culture," Eddie concluded.

And if their latest material is anything to go by, 215 Collective is definitely going places.

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