WATCH: 'War Zone-Like' Footage Of Construction Site In Buġibba Divides Social Media

A necessary inconvenience, or a blatant disregard for regulation?

Shocking footage showing towering clouds of fine dust in a construction site in Buġibba went viral this week, dividing hundreds on social media and racking up thousands of views.

The video, which is barely longer than 30 seconds, was uploaded by a member of a motoring school who happened to be delivering a motorcycle lesson in the area at the time. At one point, people can even be seen walking down the road metres away from the construction site, which had a digger eating away at the building on what appears to be the roof.

It was the proximity to the main road and the alleged lack of proper precautions which set many people off in the comments section, with the scene quickly being compared to a "war-zone" by dozens of commentators. 

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"I swear I thought it was a scene from Syria as soon as I first saw the picture," one user commented, with others expressing similar frustrations at the video, comparing the scene to war-zones in Afghanistan and Libya.

Others took the opportunity to point out that this wasn't the only location in Malta experiencing similar disregards to health and safety and major inconveniences to the people in the neighbourhood. "You haven’t seen the mess going on in Xemxija," a comment read, while others pointed their fingers at places like Sliema and even Malta's capital Valletta.

"This is enough," another comment read. "It's true that progress is nice, but there's no respect towards residents!"

However, the video - which has already been shared over 100 times and watched around 22,000 times - did not generate the same sentiment with everyone who watched it and read the comments section.

"Please be realistic, how would you prefer that they tear these buildings down?" one woman asked. The comment went on to explain how Malta's buildings are tougher to demolish due to the heavy use of concrete, also pointing to the fact that getting the proper permits is a lengthy and tiring procedure. "I'm talking out of experience because that's my husband's job, apart from the fact that they aways have to work in that dangerous environment," the comment ended.

As some people pointed out, however, there are certain precautions - like spraying the building with water before demolishing it - which would decrease such clouds of dust.

Other comments sarcastically pointed out how it is cases like this where people suddenly become professional architects, and that it was easy to just sit back and criticise. 

The footage actually comes days after huge clouds of construction dust were spotted over San Ġwann last Saturday, with many people then also pointing out that this is surely not helping the island when it comes to increased health issues and asthma attacks.

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