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7 Must-Have Cleaning Items For Your New Maltese Home

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So you’ve taken the plunge, bought your own house, and you’re officially independent. No one stops you from leaving mugs piling up in the sink but no one will tell you what cleaning items you need to keep your home habitable.

From kitchen basics to home appliances that will blow your mind, here are the top seven cleaning items that you definitely need to have stocked in your cupboards.

1. Turbo Spin Mop 

First things first, you absolutely need a spin mop in your life. Mopping up spills or giving your floor a good clean, the turbo spin mop can help in any situation. Great for cleaning without any strain on your hands, your floors will sparkle in no time.

2. Microfibre Cloths 

Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, floors, and anything in between – these microfibre cloths can be used for almost any chore you need to get done. Being available in eight different colours, make sure you colour code your cloths. Thou shall not use the same one for the kitchen and the bathroom.

3. Wipe & Dry

For all the baħbaħ babes and Maltese mindful washers, a squeegee should 110% be in your cupboard. How are your glossy tiles supposed to look squeaky clean? Being one of the classic Maltese ways to clean, this drying item definitely needs to be in your cupboard to squeeze all that wet floor.

4. Glitzi Scourer 

Being independent also means that you’re in charge of cooking your very own meals. You need one of these sturdy sponges in your cupboard for the first time you leave your soup on the stove too long and need to scrub away the layer of burnt food from your brand new pots.

5. 1-2 Spray Max 

You’ll never need to dip your hands in water mixed with detergent ever again as this 1-2 Spray Max will do all of the work for you. Just fill up the tank with water and a drop of detergent and your floors will shine and smell divine with one quick swipe.

6. Solar Dryer

Having 20 metres of drying space, you can hang a lot at one time. Easy to tuck away, sturdy, and mobile, this clothes horse can be tucked away when not in use. Weather-resistant, this solar dryer promises to give you dry clothes all year round.

7. Steam Plus XXL

Last but not least, this extra grande steamer will eliminate 99.9%* of the bacteria found in your home. With an extra-large base and the power to remove even the toughest stains, this steamer can be used on a whole range of floors, including carpets!

*tested on E.Coli bacterium and modified vaccinia virus ankara (MVA) with 1 minute post steaming procedure (refer to manual)

Now that you have a list of all the must-have cleaning items for your brand new home keeping your space clean should be super easy – work smarter not harder.

You can get your hands on any of these cleaning supplies by visiting their website or keeping an eye out for any of the Vileda products in a supermarket near you. 

If you prefer to click and shop, Vileda Malta offers free delivery on orders over €25 all across Malta and Gozo. 

Still feel like you need extra help? Don’t worry as the Vileda Malta website has split all of their products into the main categories of cleaning; floors, kitchen, laundry care and other products. 

Helping you get to grips with cleaning and managing your own home, Vileda will be there every step of the way. Saving time and energy while helping you clean quickly and thoroughly, you’ll find everything you need at home. 

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