WATCH: A Maltese Man Has Found An Ingenious Solution To Help Stop Your Baby From Crying

How's this for a parenting hack?

Sleepless nights due to a baby's wailing may be a thing of the past after one Maltese man came up with a solution all new parents need to check out. Steve Zammit Briffa is soon to be crowned a hero after demonstrating a new technique for calming a crying baby: throat singing.

Now how didn't we think of that before?

Steve 3

Seconds after the deep singing starts, the little baby calms down and stops crying... and before long actually begins to fall asleep. While we're not sure the singing is any less frustrating to listen to than the crying, there's no denying the magical properties of this man's voice.

"Due to popular demand, I'm sharing my How to Quickly Stop a Baby from Crying video," Steve wrote in a post on Facebook. "I hope this will help parents all around the world get more sleep!"

We do too, Steve - and thanks for sharing.

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