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WATCH: Amazing New Project Set To Collect 500kg Of Waste A Year From Maltese Seas

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A new venture by Żibel and Strand Marine is set to revolutionise local seas and restore them to their former glory.

Seabins can collect up to a kilo and a half of trash daily. These bins are programmed to collect anything from plastic to cigarette butts and even oil floating on the water’s surface.

This cool contraption works by sucking up water and anything in it from the surface and sifting it all out.

It works thanks to a submersible water pump which filters the water, leaving you with a litter bag you can dispose of like a responsible adult.

These hefty seabins cost less than €1 a day. Amazing!

The pilot project is aimed to have more than 20 of these cool bins installed in various marinas across the country.

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