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WATCH: Are These Malta’s Most Sour Sweets?

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From sucking on lemons to chewing on a sour sweets, a lot of people love anything bitter (at least when it comes to food, anyway). But as we grow older, our tolerance for the sensation builds, so what do you do when you want that drool-inducing, eye-twitching sensation?

You turn to a brand often cited as the “most sour in the world”.

Thanks to the recent influx of specialised sweet shops across Malta, Toxic Waste barrels can now be punched and enjoyed (or at least tried) by all. But the question remains, Should You Buy It?

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Putting the sweets to the test, a few members of Team Lovin put their palate on the line to try the different flavours of Toxic Waste’s barrels in the latest episode of the new series, ‘Should You Buy It?‘. Out every Monday, the show tests out weird products or food to see if they’re even worth your hard earned cash.

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