WATCH: Can't Sleep? Get Someone To Eat Galletti Right Near Your Ear

Is a slurped Kinnie the secret to beating insomnia?

Galletti Eaten Cover

It's 3:00am, and you've been tossing and turning for hours trying to find the perfect sleeping position... but alas, sleep never comes. Ask anyone who suffers from insomnia and they'll tell you they're willing to try anything at least once

Well now 'anything' includes international Youtube sensation SassEsnacks chomping her way through Maltese snacks.

Whispering her musings about the food provided, SassEsnacks hopes to  "relax, induce sleep, or create ASMR". And no, ASMR has nothing to do with S&M - it's all about getting that tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body as a response to visual or auditory stimuli.

TL;DR: she hopes that loudly eating Maltese food and whispering gives you goosebumps, or puts you to sleep.

Kinnie Tasting

The video, which features a nice varied platter of Maltese treats including Kinnie and Galletti (both the regular and the mini, ġbejna-flavoured variety), has racked up an impressive 90,000+ views on Youtube. But before we get too excited, we don't even feature in her top 100 most popular videos - so maybe it's time to send over another round of snacks, perhaps including Twistees in this batch!


So what do you think? Sleep-aide or nightmare fuel? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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