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WATCH: Here’s How Much It Costs To Replace Your iPhone Battery In Malta

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Just as everyone was getting into ‘new year, new me’ mode at the tailend of 2017, Apple finally confirmed that yes, they did deliberately slow down older iPhone models. Suddenly, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7 or 7 Plus models would slowly begin to lose performance efficiency over time, and Apple explained that that’s just how phone batteries age.

The tech giants have since announced that following a new update, you will have the ability to “throttle” your battery use, which means you will have more control how long it will last.

But in the ensuing criticism and backlash, the giant tech company announced a major reduction in battery replacement prices. And – for once – this global discount included Malta.

However, with stores reporting that they are running out of stock and many iPhone users scrambling to replace their batteries, local TV show Gadgets looked into local stores and the offers they were giving on replacing an iPhone battery.

We’ve followed up on their investigation to compile – ranked by price – some of the places you can get your iPhone battery replaced. After all, now that you can, why not?

1. Klikk

€29 + 90 days warranty

This is probably the cheapest price you will find on the island.

2. Pulptech

€35 + 3 months warranty

It’s usually €60, but this discounted price is available until the end of February. It’ll take 30 minutes.

3. iFix Malta

€35 + 3 months warranty

Another easy fix (pun intended). This Rabat shop offer the battery change, along with those three months of warranty.

4. Phone Refix

€35 + 3 months warranty

The usual price is €65 but they’ve put the price down following Apple’s announcement. Their representative told us that they are out of stock until Monday, and that “we were taken by storm this week” due to the demand.

If you are not using your mobile, you can drop it off this week and pick it up ready on Monday.

5. Phonitel

€45 + 3 months warranty

This place offers the standard 3 months warranty at a slightly higher price.

6. Clinica iPhone

€55 + 6 months warranty

And they told us the whole process would be done in 10 minutes.

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