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WATCH: Hey Nintendo, When Is ‘Mario Kart: Gozo Ferry’ Going To Become A Real Thing?

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Travelling between Malta and Gozo by car on a regular basis (or even on a one-off TBH) can be petty stressful, mostly owing to the amount of time you spend stuck in a queue. Seriously, how many people could possibly travel to Gozo on a daily basis? Maybe we do need that tunnel…

There is a faster solution though: ditch the car and get yourself a bike.

Motorbikes and bicycles are given priority when queuing up for the Gozo Ferry, because they take up significantly less space.So they’re obviously the better choice*. And local biker and budding farmer Steve Zammit-Lupi just proved that. By jumping on his motorbike and skipping almost 300 cars, making his way onto the Ferry in a matter of minutes. You can watch his video here.

*Unless you’re heading off for a weekend in a farmhouse and have a suitcase full of booze and onesies.

Steve 1

And he proved his point in the most epic way possible: by turning his commute into a game of Mario Kart. Well, he called it Super Mario, but I’m just assuming he meant Mario Kart and, as a Mario Kart enthusiast, I’ll forgive him for that understandable slip.

There’s obviously the added bonus that bikes are generally better for the environment than cars. And also, in Mario Kart, I always opt for a bike, because you can do wheelies. So there’s that.

Steve 2

Tag a friend who’s been thinking about making the switch to a bike!

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