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WATCH: ‘I Wasn’t Allowed To Sing’: X Factor Singer Brings Ira Losco To Tears As She Opens Up About Abusive Relationship

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X Factor Malta witnessed its most emotional moment yet last night as singer Petra opened up about how she had gone through an abusive relationship.

“I passed through a hard relationship and I wasn’t allowed to sing,” she said, repeating herself for the sake of judge Howard Keith Debono, who seemed as though he couldn’t believe his ears.

“When I managed to get out of my relationship, I promised God that I will help a lot of people if he keeps me safe. I am not only here [on X Factor] to share what I know and, if I make it through, to learn from my experience, but also to show people who suffer in silence that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Petra then fittingly blasted out a rendition of Lesley Gore’s ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and judge Ira Losco could no longer hold the tears in.

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“Everyone needs to fight for their dreams,” she said. “I don’t only want to see you at bootcamp but in the live shows too. That’s how convinced I am that you can make it.”

Petra left her audition with four yeses, with Howard Keith Debono, Alex Alden and Ray Mercieca also giving her the green light.

The 32-year-old is so far best known for her six attempts to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest, most recently last year when she finished in sixth place with a song about domestic violence.

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