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WATCH: Kevin Borg Proves That The Show Must Always Go On, Hitting The Stage Hours After Surgery

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Local singer and musical theatre star Kevin Borg has proven just how committed he is to the stage after stepping onstage for a performance of Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej just hours after undergoing an operation.

In an interview with ONE News, Kevin opened up about the procedure and what caused this to happen.

“I had to go into hospital for an operation in my groin,” Borg explained.

He stopped by Mater Dei after noticing a weird lump in his groin that was causing him pain while performing. “We took an ultrasound and I ended up having to stay on at the emergency room for an operation!”

Kevin was playing the role of Freddie Portelli in the record-breaking musical based off the legend’s life and music

So as you’d expect, it’s not exactly a role that could be left out of the performance.

He asked if the doctor thought he would be able to do the show anyway, whilst in pain, and then come straight to the hospital for the operation.

Obviously, doing anything in pain is never an easy thing, but Kevin’s role involved a whole lot of singing and dancing and running around the stage. So doing that while your legs are in excruciating pain isn’t exactly ideal.

“I had to do the previous show with a lump on my groin the size of an orange. I was in pain and it was affecting my performance.”

Kevin then asked if the head of surgery would be able to perform the operation there and then, and be ready in time to get on the stage for the evening performance.

“The doctor closed the curtain, gave me some local anaesthetic, and performed the operation”

The show must go on they say, and go on it did.

Kevin woke up from his operation and by the evening, he was on the Mediterranean Conference Centre stage entertaining audiences and rocking it out!

Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej broke local records by becoming the highest grossing box office opening in history

With sold out shows across the run, it will definitely go down in Maltese theatre history as one of the island’s biggest productions.

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