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WATCH: Michela Pace Urges Budding Stars To Apply For X Factor’s New Season As Chameleon Continues To Top Charts Around Europe

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One year ago, if you had to ask a random Maltese person who 17-year-old Michela Pace from Gozo was, they’d probably hit you with a completely blank face. Fast forward a dozen months, and the teenager is one of Malta’s biggest stars right now.

Fresh off her Eurovision adventure last weekend, Michela returned home to what must feel like a quieter lifestyle compared to the rest of her 2019. Not forgetting her humble X Factor roots, however, the starlet took to Instagram today to film an appeal for any budding talents out there looking for their big break.

“While I’d like to thank everyone for all the support you’ve given me from the very beginning, I’m filming this video to remind you that I am where I am today thanks to X Factor,” Michela started.

“X Factor gave me the opportunity to go up on such a huge stage where millions of people watched me perform. My dream has become a reality. You might not realise that your dream is just behind the door. You never know.”

Eurovision 2019 may be over, but Chameleon is still going strong all over Europe and beyond

On Tuesday morning, as preparations for X Factor Malta‘s second season continued in full swing, the page took a moment to congratulate Michela’s online conquest with her debut single.

“Our very own Michela has not only surpassed 11 million views on YouTube, but is now also top of the charts in 21 countries and is at number 7 on Spotify’s Global Chart!” X Factor happily announced. “We are sure that this is the beginning for this amazing, talented artist.”

“This is what X Factor is all about,” the post continued. “Mentoring artists in the right direction and making sure that they are ready for the tough world of the music industry.”

Applications for X Factor Malta’s Second Season are still open as we speak, and can be accessed right here

Beyond filling in some basic details, you’ll also need to send in a short video of yourself (or your group/band) with a short introduction and a short clip where you’re singing for not longer than a minute. Footage shot on a mobile phone is accepted, so don’t stay worrying if your awesome karaoke performance was only shot on an iPhone.

If you’re going to be applying, be sure you’d have turned 16 by at least 1st May 2020 (just in time for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in The Netherlands). If you’re a group, you can’t be more than six people on stage. All artists must be of Maltese nationality or have dual citizenship (one of which is Maltese). In the case of groups, this applies to at least the lead artist.

Tag someone who needs to apply to X Factor Malta 2!

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