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WATCH: St. Paul’s Bay Is The Perfect Backdrop For Italian Musician’s Moving Piano Recital

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A lot of people tend to close their eyes while listening to a beautiful piece of music, saying it helps them to be transported to a different place. Having said that, you don’t need to do any of that while watching the latest video uploaded by Italian musician and aerospace engineer Leonardo Barilaro.

Leonardo decided to celebrate his two year anniversary in Malta with a video of him performing a classic piece by Brahms, Intermezzo Op.118 N.2, on his piano. And acting as the backdrop of it all was a stunning view of St. Paul’s Bay from his apartment.

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“These notes are very near to my heart,” Leonardo said of the piece on his Facebook page Nullio die sine Nota. “Every time I play and listen to Brahms’s harmonies, I am overwhelmed by the emotions flowing under my skin, feeling myself travelling in my present, past and future.”

Leonardo regularly shares videos of himself performing different pieces, and some of them have even included a healthy dose of comedy. Last Christmas, for example, he shared a video performing a mashup of Carol of the Bells and the Breaking Bad soundtrack, using a a new instrument he created himself, a kanephorte.

Specialising in everything from classical music to synthesizers and what he calls “computer music”, Leonardo was lucky enough to meet with legendary Dream Theater musician Jordan Rudess, who was voted the best keyboardist of all time on multiple occasions. Rudess quickly became Leonardo’s mentor, and the rest is history.

Over the last two years, Leonardo has seen his fair share of success on our tiny island. Last summer, his string quartet Blue Eon Antithesis was selected for the Malta International Arts Festival, where it was performed by the London Sinfonietta ensemble.

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