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WATCH: There’s A New Reason To Visit Birżebbuġa, And It Dates All The Way Back To 3,700BC

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Thousands of years ago, Malta entered the archaeological race with some fine examples that are still standing nowadays. Millenia later, these temples are still one of the main reasons why millions of tourists flock to the islands every year, and now, Malta has just added another highlight to all the brochures; Birżebbuġa’s Borġ in-Nadur.

Even though the temple was discovered 100 years ago by an English archaeologist, it has never truly been accessible to visitors in the way so many other temples and sites are around the island. This morning, Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici announced on a Facebook livestream that Borġ in-Nadur will be open to the public.

“Before today, to visit the Borġ in-Nadur site, one had to make a private appointment with Heritage Malta,” Bonnici explained. “Today, every person, every tourist, can come here, buy a ticket, and enter to see the temple.”

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The price for a ticket to visit Borġ in-Nadur will be a minimal €1.50 addition to the €5 fee one is required to pay to visit Għar Dalam, meaning it would cost you €6.50 to visit both of these important sites in Birżebbuġa.

During an open day planned for the 22nd of July, however, all entrance to both the Borġ in-Nadur temple and Għar Dalam will be free.

“This is our way of giving these historical sites back to the people,” Minister Bonnici said. “Especially those who love this island’s heritage.”

Borġ in-Nadur dates back all the way to 3,700 BC, and overlooks St. George’s Bay. Apart from a megalithic temple dating back to the same era as the Tarxien ones, the site also holds the remains of a Bronze Age village which includes the earliest fortification in Malta. Various cart ruts and silos are also located in the site.

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