WATCH: This Crazy Fun Cliff-Jumping Vid Will Have You Longing For Summer

And your own group of hot gymnast boys with a camera.

MalteseMotion is a group of trained gymnasts, self-coached free-runners/parkourists and ambitious performers. Today (as if to add salt to the 'summer's over' wound) they published their annual 'Beaching It' compilation.

Screen Shot 2016 11 03 At 17 57 13

Not only does it show off these talented guys' incredible physical prowess, it also captures the beauty of Maltese summers. Makes you want to put back all your mezzo temp clothes and re-open the swimming season.

Screen Shot 2016 11 03 At 18 01 32
Screen Shot 2016 11 03 At 18 01 13

Check out more of MalteseMotion's awesome videos on their YouTube channel.

Tag a friend who you know is struggling with PTSD (post-traumatic-summer's over-disorder).

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