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WATCH: Trixie The Pig Might Be Our New Favourite Maltese Pet

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One fine day around four months ago, local animal activist Leila Scott saw a Facebook post advertising mini pigs for adoption. She contacted the girl who put out the advert and went to check out the piglets. There she saw Trixie, a six-month-old piglet, and you can say it was practically love at first sight. Within a week, Scott went back to pick her up.

Having a pig might sound far-fetched, but it’s actually not too different from having a pet dog

“Pigs are such fast learners and can be trained easily,” Scott said, “It look me less than a week to fully litter train her, and a few months to get her used to the harness and going out for walks.”

In the four months she’s been homed, Trixie has become one hell of a pet. She’s grown to love and trust her owner and has fully come out of her shell.

“I honestly have to say it is something truly incredible. Every day Trixie brings so much joy and happiness to my life.”

Trixie does anything you’d expect your average dog to do. She loves belly rubs, wags her tail while searching for treats, and even barks as she runs across fields.

But having a pet pig isn’t all fun and games

“They can throw temper tantrums when they are upset with you, don’t get their own way, or are bored,” Scott said. “Trixie is much quieter than she used to be however, which is a huge relief!”

Funnily enough, pigs aren’t too dissimilar from us, in that they get bored very easily. So if you’re planning on homing a pig anytime soon, make sure that you’ve got enough toys around, a patch of soil for them to roll around in, and a whole lot of attention to give them.

Otherwise, they’ll become bad-tempered and unhappy, and no one likes seeing a sad pig

Speaking of sad pigs, Leila has taken it upon herself to make sure that animals all around the world lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. That’s why six years ago, she decided to become a vegan.

“Veganism is actually a philosophy, not a diet,” Scott said. “We believe that animals should not be exploited at the hands of humans, whether it be for their flesh, bodily fluids, skin, fur or in the name of testing or entertainment.”

Scott also calls out those animal lovers who still mindlessly support such industries. “I couldn’t call myself an animal lover while paying for and consuming the body parts of abused, murdered animals”, she said. The second she started living in line with her values, she knew she wouldn’t go back.

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