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WATCH: Volunteers Help Clear Maltese Cat Sanctuary After Storm… But The Shelter Still Needs Your Help

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Due to the extreme stormy weather that Malta suffered last weekend, CSAF (who look after 300 cats) have incurred quite a lot of damages throughout their shelter.

Fortunately, most of the mess was cleared up thanks to 10 locals who volunteered to help clean up the aftermath of the storm.

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However, CSAF are in dire need of solar panels (to save money on all the electricity bills they’re currently facing), a new roof (which flew away during the storm in one of the enclosures) and lots of bedding.

CSAF are using hot water bottles for all the cats in cages that need medical attention. They fill up between 30-40 a day, which gets pretty time-consuming and are really desperate for a water boiler.

They would ideally love it if a company could sponsor them with solar panels, but they’d also happily raise the funds to save for the panels and the water boiler.

If you know of a company that could help, please contact the sanctuary directly. If you would like to donate, you can do so via Paypal, SMS or bank transfer.

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