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WATCH: What To Expect From This Sunday’s X Factor Malta

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On Wednesdays we don’t only wear pink, we also get excited about the new trailer for the X Factor Malta.

Following last week’s memorable opening episode, we’ve now been given a glimpse at what to expect this weekend, and it all looks dramatic AF.

1. The judges critique doesn’t appear to have softened

Keeping up with the brutal honesty (as one hopes for in a show about talent) the judges don’t seem to be holding back with their constructive commentary.

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 At 11 56 39

2. Some familiar faces are auditioning

Chris Grech of Eurovision and Rockestra fame appears to be taking his chances on the show and hoping to secure the top spot for a chance to perform at Eurovision.

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 At 11 51 01

3. And some new, interesting ones are being teased too

We only got to see her for a second, but you already know she’s got a whole lot of personality waiting to explode onto our TV sets.

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 At 11 50 40

4. There’s big notes on the horizon

How’s that for a belt?

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 At 11 51 15

5. And an emotional moment or two

We know Ira loves a good cry, but what moved Alex to hug a contestant?

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 At 11 50 50

To find out all this and a lot more, make sure you tune in to TVM on Sunday at 20:45.

And in case you missed last week’s show, you can watch it on demand on TVM.com.mt, or tune in to the X Banter, Lovin Malta’s weekly after show that airs every Monday night.

Tag a friend who’s excited for this week’s episode!

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