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WATCH: X Factor Malta Contestant Moves Entire Auditorium To Tears As She Teaches Us All A Lesson On Perseverance

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Sometimes, life chucks a massive boulder in front of you, and you have to decide to look at it as an obstacle or a stepping stone. Treating it as an obstacle and allowing it to stop you from moving forward in life sometimes seems like the easier option, but the truth is that the benefits you reap from using it as a stepping stone are so much more worth it.

This is, of course, easier said than done, and X Factor Malta contestant Victoria Sciberras perfectly proved this and taught us all a lesson on perseverance in last night’s final Bootcamp episode.

Sadly, on the morning of her Bootcamp performance, Victoria found out that her father had passed away.

She was then faced with a choice; persevere and remain at Bootcamp, or give up her spot to be with her family.

It was no doubt a hard decision to make, but Victoria opted to stay on at Bootcamp. This means that she wasn’t able to be with her family, but she said that she would feel like she was letting her dad down had she not stayed on.

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“I know it was my dad’s wish. He always wanted to see me up here, so I said I’ll come here and I’ll do my best even though it’s very difficult. As long as I make him proud of me.”

“This morning he left us, and Victoria still came,” Ira smiled as she introduced the young singer to the stage, her voice visibly breaking as she tried to hold off tears.

Taking to the stage with the three other singers who had chosen to perform Sia’s Alive, Victoria brought her signature powerful voice and confident attitude to the trying moment.

By the end of the song, Victoria’s performance got a standing ovation from the judges and all the other contestants, most of whom ended up in tears. X Factor judges Ira Losco and Alex Alden even rushed on stage to hug the brave young singer who had just given her all and moved the entire auditorium.

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Victoria was not only chosen as the only one from her group of four to make it past the first round, but even went on to pass the second round at Bootcamp, moving on to next week’s Six Chair Challenge.

As difficult as it must have been, Victoria’s choice to persevere and remain at Bootcamp is a clear example that the choice to use an obstacle as a stepping stone is most definitely worth it.

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