Maltese Couple Who Dropped Everything To Travel The World Return For Wedding

And it was a lot to take in

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Last year, Romy and Luke ditched their wedding plans to travel the world. The Maltese couple wrote about their nine-month adventure on their blog, and now that they're back, they've decided to celebrate their marriage in style after all.

"Our wedding was a dream come true," said Romy. "It was a reclection of our character and our mantra, Dream, Believe and Make It Happen." The couple decided to have a travel-themed celebration to commemorate their nine-month journey, and they managed to reflect that in pretty much every minute detail.

Romy's wedding dress was tailor-made in India, and her headpiece was made from accessories I purchased from India, the Philippines and Vietnam. The groomsmen's bows were tailor-made in Vietnam and the bridesmaids' headpieces were purchased from the Philippines. 

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If you thought that might've been enough dedication to the theme, you're wrong. We're actually still getting started. 

The wedding invitation was a message in a bottle with sand and seashells which were handpicked from the beaches the couple had been to while travelling. 

The church wouldn't perform on the beach, so Romy and Luke collected "red sand from the sand dunes of Vietnam and white powdery sand from a beach in the Philippines" and brought it to the church, symbolically mixing the two together after their vows.

The wedding reception was on a beach in Armier, and the dress code read, "The Bride and the Groom will be wearing no shoes, so neither will you. Our dress code is relaxed, smart casual will do".

The journey from the mass to the reception started off with a convoy of Volkswagen Beetles and Campervans. When they arrived at Għadira, Romy and Luke got on a friend's cabin cruiser, and they completed the journey to the beach on a jet ski.

Oh yeah, and the wedding cake was made to look like luggage, and the entrance to the reception venue was a check-in desk.

Yep. Talk about dedication.

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The couple partied in style with their family and friends on the beach, which was lit up by fjakkoli and had live lounge and jazz music. Luke surprised Romywith synchronised fireworks during their first dance, and the food had anything from Spanish paella to British fish 'n' chips.

"Best of all, my mother made her signatory red-velvet cake for Luke's 30th birthday, which was just one day before the wedding!" Romy concluded.

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Photos by F Balzan Photography

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